Helping people with chronic conditions.


medication adherence one dose at a time treatment compliance one event at a time attendance one appointment at a time patient communication one interaction at a time positive outcomes one patient at a time

Denovonow is a healthcare technology company that improves patient outcomes and drives revenue for providers. The comprehensive suite of engagement and communication products are based on validated academic research, great user experience design and innovative technology.



Solve for specific pain points within todays doctor patient interaction model to improve engagement and satisfaction levels. Demonstrate patient outcomes and compliance with meaningful use requirements.

  • Cost pressure with disproportionate time spent on non-billable activities
  • Declining reimbursement rates forcing need for higher patient volume
  • Lifestyle tradeoffs and poorer health outcomes causing dissatisfaction with practice of medicine

  • Repetitive and cumbersome paperwork at the doctors office
  • Limited face time with doctors = poor understanding of instructions + lack of personal relationships
  • Motivational gaps driving low patient engagement = poorer health outcomes

We design for patients, healthcare providers and family members to maximize opportunity for success.

patient proposition.


Deliver a personalized experience that is simple, relevant and rewarding.

Measurement through low friction tracking for prescribed user journeys

Compliance reporting against customized narratives

Personalized messaging leveraging data analytics and learning engine tools

Motivation through reward systems and competitive game dynamics

Social reinforcement from caregivers, family members and healthcare providers

Education and top of mind awareness with curated content feeds



A pluggable architecture combining common service elements with disease condition specific features and interaction models.


Allows for achieving scale efficiently while retaining the flexibility to customize the experience for unique population groups.

Uses technology to minimize the need for user input and recognize the context and specific needs of the individual patient.

Simplifies the workload of healthcare providers, improving productivity and facilitating effective monitoring of patient health conditions.